Natural Healing System

photo of child

Reiki is a natural healing system that channels energy through the body. It soothes pain, relieves stress and boosts your own ability to heal. Could you benefit from stress or pain relief? Would increased vitality and balance help in your life? 

These are some of the benefits of Reiki. But what is Reiki and how does it work? 

The client receives energy, coming through the practitioner's hands. The hands are placed on energy blocks or specific problem sites in the body. This promotes relaxation and hormonal balance. Some people experience heat under the hands, a relaxed sensation, tingling, a pulsating energy, a floating sensation, a quiet meditative peacefulness or sleep. 

Do you have to be really sick to receive Reiki? No. Many of my clients are people with busy lives who benefit from stress reduction or pain relief. Others include cancer patients, people facing death and the elderly; new babies and sick children; acute care patients before and after surgery; and front-line workers and health care providers who want support for themselves. Reiki works on all areas: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

So what do people say about Reiki? Here are a few examples from children and adults: "It's like a warm bath", "I like it on my tummy", "You're putting me to sleep", "It feels like a warm blanket", "Your hands are really hot", "I feel better now - like something has moved." 

Where did Reiki originate? Although there are several stories of the origin of Reiki, it is generally accepted that Dr. Mikao Usui discovered the healing teachings in Tibet. He brought these teachings to Japan and opened a natural healing clinic with the help of Dr. Chujiro Hiyashi, a retired medical doctor and naval officer. Together they created a system of healing based on this ancient healing art that Dr. Usui called Reiki. For this reason, Reiki is known as Japanese. However, I believe that Reiki is a universal life-force energy that has no nationality. It is a powerful, loving force that moves in many ways. 

My perspective is that every client brings me a gift of trust. I express my gratitude through the healing energy of Reiki.