Yoga & Mindfulness Stress Reduction

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Anna's early life centered on ballet study and daily physical practice. Today, she is a certified 200-hour Hatha yoga instructor with a passion for bringing the spiritual practice of yoga into her classes. Her love of sound and vibration are an ideal fit for the pranayama and subtle body work of yoga. Anna's teacher training certification is with Yogi Vishvaketu from India and his wife Chétana Panwar who teach world-wide through their World Conscious Yoga Family. 

Yoga is a mystic encoded symbolism for energy pathways along the subtle bodies.

Yoga means yoke. The yoke that unites the web of dualities: super-conscious with conscious mind, sun with moon, prana with apana, light with dark. It is a spiritual practise harmonizing body, mind and soul. Atman, the inner aspect of god in us seeks union with Brahman universal oneness. With Yoga we can touch the reality of wholeness that integrate body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga is about being present in the moment, aligning the subtle bodies with the divine. Through yoga postures or asanas we get in tune with the energy system flowing through us, the divine oneness and raise our consciousness. Healing and wellness are a natural bi-product of this process.

Yoga Talk - Personalized Programs 

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Yoga Talk  is an individual program designed especially for your body and needs. Special attention is paid to educating you in the asanas, when and where you will do your yoga program, and how it fits in with other aspects of your fitness goals. You will receive a personal handout package with both pictures and details instructions and an audio CD so you can tune in to your personal class with me. 

With this program you deepen your knowledge of yoga, understand the benefits of the asanas chosen for you, listen to your body, and warm up to the idea of integrating yoga into your life. 

Price $150.00 includes four hours of personalized programming: to discuss needs, goals, body limitations, check your current fitness level and be taught your special program while recording it to CD with you present. 

Yoga Classes Offered 

Individual and group classes are offered in various degrees and styles of Hatha yoga. All ages can benefit from yoga: children, adults, seniors. Anna also offers classes specifically designed for certain health concerns and phases of life such as menopause. Anna has studied Hatha First Step, Hatha Gentle, Hatha Intermediate, Yoga for Children, Chair Yoga for Seniors, Prenatal Yoga, and Raja Yoga.

See Workshops for current dates and classes information.

Yoga Certified Instructor 

Photo of YogaGradsIn July 2005, Anna completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive under the guidance of Yogi Vishvketu and his wife Chétana Panwar. This course is accredited by both the American Yoga Alliance and the Federation of Yoga Teachers of Ontario and covers all eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga. Anna loves to teach and incorporates sound and vibration into her yoga classes. She continues to deepen her education on and off the mat blending body/mind with spiritual centering. Course content included: 

  • Beginner and advanced variations of 108 yoga poses 
  • Benefits and precautions of yoga poses and techniques 
  • 10 pranayama (breathing techniques) 
  • 3 Bandhas (yogic locks) 
  • 6 Kriyas (cleansing techniques) 
  • Kiirtan (chanting) 
  • Meditation and Mantras (mystical sounds) 
  • Subtle body (kundalini energy and the chakra system) 
  • Ashtanga (the eight-fold path) 
  • Bhagavad Giita (an inspiring and sacred Indian text on yoga) 
  • Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (subtle kernels of yogic knowledge) 
  • Introduction to Ayurveda 
  • Introduction to diverse class-styles such as Power, Hatha-Raja, and Classical Kundalini 
  • Creating a balanced flow of poses and pranayama in the yoga class 
  • Teaching yoga for diverse student bodies (kids, the elderly, pregnant women etc.) 
  • Anatomy and Hatha yoga 
  • Practicum (Assisting and Teaching) 

Meditation & Mindfulness Stress Reduction

Pranayama, the science of yoga breathing, helps the client to maintain mastery over their body-mind. Different forms of yoga breath are woven into sessions as appropriate. Ujjai or ocean breathing can facilitate pain relief, improve oxygenation of tissue, provide relaxation, mental focus and attention to the present moment. Other forms of pranayama include Bhramaree (bumble bee breath), Kapalabatti (shining skull breath), Advanced Anuloma Viloma (alternate nostril breath), Surya Bedhana (solar bpiercing reathing) and Chandra Bedhana (moon piercing breathing), Bhastrika (bellows breath), Sithali (cooling breath), and Siitkari (hissing breath).